The South African Learning Crisis

South Africa is facing a future that is in the grips of being strangled by entitlement. Previously disadvantaged has become the nation’s psyche. Service delivery is crippled, corruption has become a norm, government expenditure out of control, and learning and education as a driver of economic development has been relegated to a transactional, over bureaucratised, and compromised  system.

Universities are in crisis between #feesmustfall, quotas and capacity stretched to the limits, issues around outsourcing and insourcing, examinations being postponed, and frustrations being experienced by both students and academic and administrative staff. That change is needed is precisely what the students have highlighted.

The current status quo makes it al right to pass matric with a 30% pass rate. Given the complexities not only of the country’s past, we look to the current status quo that promotes and encourages mediocrity as the means to address inequities. Engaged and self motivated people are a rarity. Unemployment is rife and the statistics that relate to demand, supply and the future labour market are alarming to say the least.

In this first Infographic, SA Learns has looked to providing some context to the massive challenge we are facing as a nation in the area of the development of capacity to sustain the growth and the development of our economy.

The SA Learns Solution Infographic invites you to look at options, to engage in and become a part of the solution in creating, stimulating, and fostering an engaged culture of learning as a part of living the legacy left to us by Nelson Mandela and those who fought for the freedom to live in a country that is a true democracy. A fundamental human right of any democracy is that of the right to an education and learning that is relevant to being part of the global village.

SA Learns calls you to action to be a part of the solution in developing the amazing potential that is inherent in the rainbow nation

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